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Well heck. I should get the ball rolling and stuff.

I havn't really been here that long but cause I'm crazy and stuff and I already did this on my own I wanted to see if any of us west sidaz would be interested.
I'm talking 'bout takin a few days and following MSI around when ever they go back on tour and come this way again. With all the speculation as to when this new tour will happen all I know is I'm going. Some others that have expressed interest are either in school or are unsure if they can generate the funds to do this.
Right now I just want to through this out there so ya'll can get to thinkin if it'll be a good idea for you to goin in.
So far I have 2 from AZ, 1 coming in from OH, 2 coming in from way over on the east side, Meg is more than willing, ummmmmmmm..........Sunny if this is over the summer, and I'm not leaving Tommy behind, and thats about it i think.
Anyone else better get themselves in gear.
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