Travis Slumberland (zombiesatemymom) wrote in westcoastcracka,
Travis Slumberland


which one y'all mothafuckas is going to coachella? :-)
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I am. And a few other crazies. We'll see you there I hope.
yes! :-) let's all bum rush the stage when msi comes up!
Hellz yeah. We already have people that are gonna be camping on site and some of us are getting up reall early so we can chill in the line. I'm looking to have the whole front row owned.
ooo! can i join?! :D
Sure. The more the merrier I say. Hit me up on aim or something.
oh heyz yo i be there too! I plan on gettin up real irly too! I be meeting up wif pistachio nut..if u wanna find our posse (or maybe you are in the posse and i dunno about it lol) look for a neon pink sign that says "Pistachio Nut". I'll be holdn it up
Well I happen to be P. Nuts ride.

She be rollin with me and my peeps. :-P

Yeah I'll be there with Sarah and a couple a other crakas and I' sure we wont be able to miss the neon pinkness of your sign. :-D
haha and to think...i sooooooooooooooooo just totally met up with you at lax and went with you guys and had the best time ever! :-D coachella was a blast!!! :-D