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Day 2!

Went to the other Whiskey show last night, and it kicked major ass. Got there at 4:30 and there were more people then than there were at 5 the day before. So I waited in line with the lovely jenn from pomona, and made friends with people around me, had lots of fun. My friends eventually showed up and joined me in line.
Got in the the show waited for the bands with my friend krista, and got to stand in vomit when some chick next to me threw up. Fun! Uncle fucker kicked major ass, and they brought out a second fiddle player who had the crazziest violin I'v ever seen. Kill radio was ok, nothing special, but we were standing next to the guitarrist's mom... ya that was interesting.
MSI comes on and just kicks ass as usual. When steve came on and saw me he said soemthing like "don't worry, I"m not kicking you this time." The show was really cool, and seemed very long, lots of good songs. I noticed that Lyn-z was wearing the drunk dialer pin I gave her the night before when she came over to my side of the stage. I know she wears everyone's pins, but I still think it's really cool. So ya, really kick ass show, I can't really say that enough. What's cool is that I was ble to get the set list, so much kick ass.
After the show, we kinda hung around waiting for things to calm down a little, got my ticket, despierta los ninos, AOA, and my AOA radio edit signed by everyone, pictures etc. Steve asked me if I liked the damage i did to his head. The large red welts do suit him well.
Chatted a bit with some of the people from uncle fucker, they're really nice peoples. Talked to MSI drum tech and what I think was their guitar tech about random stuff, they asked if I was the one who got kicked in my face. I was like "ya, but I got battle scars and a story now, so I'm all cool. Invited them to my house for some food even though I knew you wouldn't be able to come.
But ya, another great show, and I was happy to be able to pick up soem buttons and a poster along with the new CD. Can't wait for when they come by a year from now.
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I know you. :-P

And the other button she wore was my Evil Genius one.

The Luna
Yes! We kick ass like that.
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